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My name is Carl Fuehrer, owner of Pathways to Wellness, and I want to thank you for visiting our website. We hope it will become a benchmark for you to visit often and inspire you to live your own life by. I have started this website personally to aid people in becoming successfully healthy through the correct information and to dispel too many common myths and misconceptions on diet, exercise and complete wellness that are dispensed out by Medical Doctors, the media and pharmaceutical companies.

My Mission:

I am here to teach people the information that Medical Doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know because it would put them out of business!

I would like you to follow me on a journey towards healthy living for both you and I. In mid 2010 I embarked on a quest to radically change my life in all ways, but mainly focusing on my physical health and well-being. I have been doing exhaustive research on all facets of health and keeping an open mind to do whatever it takes to improve myself so I can then in turn help to improve other’s lives. It seems like a gigantic challenge to most. I have always been one to love educating others and I've had a side of me since I was 30 to work on self-improvement, my mindset and beliefs. For me I feel it is my true calling and a totally natural desire to present this website and share my knowledge and findings.

What is my intention for this website?

We will be showing and discussing the steps and techniques I am currently taking and have taken to become a healthy person based upon my research, education, experiences and by paying attention to my body. It encompasses physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual health. A lot of this information may sound extreme and/or beyond status quo of the American society and mainstream media. I simply ask that you keep your mind open to all possibilities and explore them for yourself. Find out the true facts of how we have come to be a consumer society that we are today. We have been driven, molded and pushed into the beliefs and values the majority of us have now without knowing and sometimes caring why they are so. It's time to be an individual to think and make decisions for yourself!

I am not a medical doctor nor do I have any current formal medical training. I am not an expert yet on any of the subjects I am discussing and I do not expect you to take my views and knowledge 100% verbatim as I am still on my journey and discovering new information daily. Pathways To Wellness is a not-for-profit educational organization. We do not sell or get compensation for ANY of the items, services, websites or from people we will be discussing and promoting beyond our Amazon (coming soon) and Youngevity stores which help fund this website, workshops and our operation. All I am offering is my knowledge, opinions and support to help you as best as I can. If you find our site useful and resourceful we would welcome your help in our operation expense through a donation via our PayPal account or directly to me via our Donation page.

We try to cover as many facets of health as possible but our main drive and focus in on the elimination and reversal of diabetes and cancer. If you have a health topic you are very interested in learning about and we have not discussed, pleased feel free to contact us and let us know so we can serve people better.

Where was I coming from:

My journey had been brewing in my mind for a year before I actually started acting upon it. I had suffered with moderate over weight issues since I was 13. I had Type 2 diabetes since I was 22 taking medications for it and dealt with random bouts of depression since I was 28. My ultimate goal was to eliminate my diabetes and to improve my mental clarity. In the summer of 2010, I was taking 100 units of insulin daily and my blood sugars still ran in the 300 to 400s. I was on high blood pressure and cholesterol medications. I was getting divorced and had a number of personal issues I was having a really hard time dealing with. My family has a history of cancers that I thoroughly intended to avoid! I could no longer mentally and physically continue living like that! I had an epiphany to become the healthy person I knew I could be and deserved to be. I hope and pray that you will be inspired by my website and my story and to seek improvement in your own life. I don't care who, what or where you are; you are important in this world and you are worth caring about!

One day in late August of 2010 while listening to the Alex Jones radio show, I heard an interview with a guest named Mike Adams (AKA The Health Food Ranger). I went to his website NaturalNews.com and was totally overwhelmed with the amount and types of information on foods and drugs we use each day living on the Standard American Diet and modern lifestyle. I learned a lot about genetically modified/genetically engineered foods (GMO/GE), processed foods, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, table salt, refined/enriched white flour, fluoridated water, artificial sweeteners and chemical food preservatives. All of these ingredients I had some prior knowledge about but didn't fully understand the negative implications of them to our health and our potential early demise till exploring Mike Adam's website. These seemingly harmless ingredients along with nutritional deficiencies ARE what's causing us physical and mental illnesses, arthritis, inflammation, cancer, diabetes and heart disease! This information led me to the decision to go completely organic with all my food immediately. But I wanted more information and understanding! How could all this be happening and done to us?

An old friend of mine from grade school, Carrie Tonkinson, had posted on her Facebook about food and drinking water issues and we began a great discussion on the subject for weeks. She had led me to Raw and Live Foods, which consists of eating only fresh plants, fruits, vegetables and sprouted seeds and nuts. This diet does not involve eating any meats, fish, dairy, breads and/or cooked foods (anything heated over 115 degrees). The term "Raw Food" is commonly capitalized as to not confuse it with eating raw meat and fish. I have a whole section on the Lifestyles page that explains the basics of diets (as in the foods people eat, not fad diets or commercial diet programs such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, as most people assume when one says the word "diet"). Again, I did my investigating and started to learn what cooking foods and eating meat does to the human body, especially microwaved food. It's amazing how something so common and part of our daily lives can be so bad for you. I was also intrigued by a "Go Vegan" bumper sticker on a car at my job at the time. I made a few mental jokes and assumptions about it and the car's owner (whom looked beautiful I must add when I finally saw who she was), but I wanted to really learn what veganism was about since I was seeing that word a lot in my research.

Around the same time I found a podcast interview on NaturalNews.com with a Dr. Gabriel Cousens who owns and runs the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona whom was having enormous success with a 21-day program and book ending and reversing diabetes and its effect on the body by using green juice diet, Raw and superfoods and a mindset correction program. You can find that podcast here: Health Ranger Report #85: Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens on reversing diabetes. His ideas move people out of the "dead" culture using animal products, cooking foods and prescription drugs into a "living" culture of Raw Foods and superfoods healing the body through food and spiritual nourishment. He has been dropping diabetics fasting blood sugar counts, even Type 1 diabetics, into the 80s and 90s with in 4 day without any medications!!! You can learn about some of Dr. Cousens' cases and his information in his book There Is A Cure For Diabetes.

As you might see, I don't take anyone's single word for something and did more research into Dr. Cousens' diet and found a guy called Dave The Raw Food Truck Driver that is thankfully alive today due to Dr. Cousens book and teachings and has been sharing his phenomenal story with the world. We highly suggest you look up videos on Dave the Raw Food Trucker. We will have a section on the video page where he explains his story of dying of cancer and diabetes and his saving grace with Raw Foods. He is so full of energy, love and living power and his story is completely amazing and an excellent testimony to living better using food. I immediately went out and bought Dr. Cousens' book There Is A Cure For Diabetes which you can purchase through our Amazon store.

In my researching I was also introduced to Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Institute who was continuing on the work of Max Gerson, her father healing and reversing cancer and diabetes on a Raw Food diet since the 1920s when he healed Nobel prize winner Albert Schweitzer, M.D., of Type 2 diabetes, cured Schweitzer’s wife of lung tuberculosis after all conventional treatments had failed and both Mr. Gerson and Mr. Schweitzer went on to successfully cure to heart disease, kidney failures and cancer using the Raw/Living Foods diet. Here is a podcast from NaturalNews.com with Charlotte Gerson: Health Ranger Report #87: Interview with Charlotte Gerson on reversing cancer.

So what did all this do for me?

I immediately stopped all medications and ended cold turkey my out-of-hand coffee and soda habits. I threw out my microwave. I became a Raw Food vegan. Imagine that kind of change for a guy the loves rare steaks, meaty subs, pizza and eats lots of bacon and eggs! Within 1 month I started physically feeling refreshed and stronger. I had more energy than I could possibly deal with, making me want to run all around the parking lots at my then job just to expel that energy. I felt 15 years younger. My drive and ability for sex came back. Within 2 months my fasting blood sugars ran between 80 to 100 everyday!!! My neuropathy went away completely. I no longer got sick or colds. I also began yoga, Tai Chi and practiced various forms of Buddhist and Zen meditations.

Over a few months I slowly added new foods, preparation techniques and Raw Food kitchen appliances as I could to continue my new lifestyle. Not being one to just trust anything, after a year of being a Raw Food vegan, in late 2011 I went on a test for 4 months returning to mostly the Standard American Diet. Within a short time my extremely high blood sugars came back, I gain 25 pounds, lost my metal clarity, I became very sluggish and tired all the time and started slipping back into days of depression. Also around that time a very close friend and mentor of mine Lionel King-Lynch died of a heart attack, whom I had been starting to turn around on changing his diet. His very untimely death was completely avoidable with a change in diet and nutrition. This has helped push me into a driven life purpose to educate people on food, diet and nutrition and dispel the crap that doctors, the media and pharmaceutical companies tell us.

Seeing that the Raw Food vegan diet helped me immensely, I obviously returned to that lifestyle. For a number of months now I have been studying about gluten, cereal grains, carcinogens, animal proteins (meat, eggs and dairy), healthy fats and nutritional deficiencies. I have slowly added some animal products back into my lifestyle under the guidance of Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Peter Glidden and remotely from pharmacist Ben Fuchs along with a line of nutritional supplements from Youngevity (which you can buy through our store here to help fund this site). I have also started learning from and become involved with the Dr. Weston A Price Foundation.  I have posted a document called Food List in the Resource section that will show you the good and bad foods to eat to help maintain a better body. If you look through the history of man, civilization and our food history, humans have very much drifted off track from what we were meant to eat. I believe we tend to make a religious experience out of meals and the foods we eat rather than eating to survive and nourish. There are basically 10 foods to avoid that you can see on the Food List. We are in the process of scripting a diet combining Dr. Wallach’s, Dr. Gerson, Dr. Price and Dr. Cousens’ food choices to come up with the best selection of foods that meat eaters, paleo dieters, vegetarians and vegans can use.

Currently I am now working and studying to earn my Raw Food Nutritionist Certification and getting my degree as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. I planning to conducting workshops around western and central New York, and online for people out of state and international, along with starting a private health and wellness practice some day.  If you are interested in learning more about me beyond the health information be sure to visit my personal website at: www.carlfuehrer.com.

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