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I am a one person business. I handle all phases of Pathways to Wellness, from research, to web design, presentation creation to the in-person workshops. My life's mission is to help people better understand true health and wellness; and to dispel the many myths and misinformation given daily.

I do not sell or get compensation from any of the information, items, services, websites or people I discuss and recommend on this site beyond our Amazon Store and Youngevity Store which help fund this website, workshops, my business operation and by your graces, my family. I strive to keep the cost to you free for services like our website, audio and video media and PDF documents; and as low cost as possible for printed documents, Wellness Starter Kits, Meetup group and regional workshops.

If you find my site useful and resourceful I would welcome your help in our operation expense and mission through a donation. You may do so via PayPal by clicking the Donate button bellow. Or by simple mailing a donation to me which helps more since I do not incur processing fees from PayPal. Another way that is a win-win situation for you and I is to purchase items through our affiliate stores. When you make a purchase I receive and small commission, again not incurring any processing fees that can eat up donations and you receive valuable products to forward your healthy lifestyle. Checks and money orders for direct donations should be made payable to Pathways to Wellness. The mailing address is:

Pathways to Wellness
Chattanooga, TN

I am not established as a 501(C)3 Non-Profit/Charitable Organization so your donations are not tax deductible. I am a registered sole proprietorship and have elected not to file as a corporation due to the financial and board of directors requirements. There are also certain "hoops" you need to jump through to qualify as a Non-Profit Corporation and since too much of the information I empower people with goes against the government's recommendations. I'd rather give you information and help you then waste time fighting my way with a board of directors or trying to minimize my taxable income.

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This website is dedicated to the loving memory of Kathleen G. Huss, Carl J. Fuehrer and Lionel T. King-Lynch

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