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It is not about genetics!
It's about nutritional deficiency, it's about what you eat (or don't eat.)

In this video, Raw Food expert David "Avocado" Wolfe basically tells you how it REALLY is and exactly how we feel:

Origins of Food - In this section I look at the history and types of foods that humans have survived and died on over the years with a history lesson on how civilizations started based on foods.

Diets and Lifestyles - I cover various natural, man-made and "fad" diets and the various lifestyles people have based upon their food choices.

Agriculture and Dairy Industries - A look inside some major controllers of food in the modern world.

Processed Foods and Chemical Additives - What really is in your foods?

Genetically Modified Organisms and Genetically Engineered Foods - Here I look at what natural and unnatural GMOs are and how they effect the body.

Organic and Natural Foods - What are your options and selection for the best types of foods?

Drinks and Beverages -

Nutrition and Deficiencies - This is the key to ALL health and the link to ALL disease (without acute trauma involved).


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